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TAD Design

Throughout our fifteen years as a firm we have been involved in a diverse range of design projects, from building and urban design, through to joinery, furniture and graphics

Housing however has always been the focus for us. We have worked in this area at many scales, from the very personal reinvention of a family's home, to the layout design of local communities. As a small, close working team we don't take on a lot of work at once, and enjoy becoming closely involved in each project we do.


TAD is Tina And Dal - the design team.

Tina graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Bachelor of Architecture.

She has worked on a wide range of projects including large city developments, schools around NSW and Alice Springs, heritage buildings, and all types of housing from apartments, to simple beach shacks and boat sheds. She is also keen on rolling up her sleeves in the world of painting, printmaking, drawing and photography.

Dal graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Bachelor of Architecture. He then completed a Master of Architecture in Urban Design degree at Harvard University.

He has worked on projects of many kinds, ranging from small-scale home renovations, right through to university campus master planning and urban design. Specific projects he’s been involved in include a winery,  aquaculture centre, museum, mixed-use residential tower, hotel, winning schemes for a number of urban housing competitions, and the redesign of a new satellite city north of Dubai. Of all of these projects however, it is his work on housing that he has enjoyed the most.


While the project types we take on may vary in nature we carry with us a basic design ethos - we believe that to solve a issue well, you need to understand it really well; in all its complexities - environmental, social, functional, economic, aesthetic, emotional, cultural, and personal.

To achieve this we rely on the close involvement of our clients. We work with them as part of the team to thoroughly explore the issues at hand . And as a direct result, the style and appearance of each of our projects evolves its own character, responding to the influences of each individual site, and each owner.


Please have a look at our photo library to see some examples of our smaller scale work. The photos of buildings were usually taken during the last phase of a project's construction as office record shots. But even in this fairly raw form they give a sense for the kinds of places we like to make. We have also included some examples of our joinery and graphic design efforts here as well.

Bigger Things

Our larger scaled work has usually been either in collaboration with, or for, other design firms. This work has included:

• St Margaret's Maternity Hospital Redevelopment Master Plan - Bourke St, Surry Hills, NSW. An inner city mixed-use residential redevelopment, that reintegrated a private hospital complex back into its urban neighbourhood.

• Macquarie Place Renovation - Bridge St, Sydney. This work upgraded the historic park landscape of Macquarie Place for Sydney City Council.

• Narrellan Town Centre Master Plan, NSW - this project involved the expansion and integration of the existing town centre into a disused quarry to create large areas of new community, commercial and medium density residential building, and incorporating an existing park.

• Molong Road Neighbourhood Housing, Orange, NSW. This project created a large area of public reserve in the centre of a new housing area, linking to a nearby creek system and access way. The design provided 72 housing lots, with housing designs intended to maximise environmental sustainability, a strong sense of community connection and identity, while providing good visual and acoustic privacy between neighbours.